Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is HMG ?

CCH: I was just introduced to freeware Harbour Mini-GUI(HMG) by esgici of Viva Clipper, an old Clipper pal from way back to the DOS days. Just downloaded it and am now checking it out... It is interesting enough for me to join the HMG Forum :-)

From Harbour MiniGui Google Pages

Welcome, my name is Roberto Lopez.

When Windows turned into the standard operating system for PC, I've got disappointed with the new programming languages developed for it.

In my opinion, in most cases, these new languages constituted a step back in computer science evolution, because, the code become bigger, less intuitive and more complex that in previous generation.

Original xBase was powerful, simple and intuitive. It's Windows incarnations and new mainstream Windows tools, loosed this features, turning the things more and more harder.

In 2000 I've discovered the Harbour project, a fully new, free multi-platform Clipper based compiler.

Some time later, I've began experimenting with Harbour-C interface and MinGW compiler. I've finally realized that my old "dream" could be possible. Create a free Windows tool with the original xBase spirit (powerful, intuitive and easy to use).

Harbour MiniGUI is aimed to be "natural". The basic idea behind it, is let to the programmer to express its ideas in a straight way, using a simple code, easy to write and easy to maintain, turning its work more productive

Harbour MiniGUI license is GPL+"Harbour Exception", so your use of that executable is in no way restricted on account of linking the library code into it.

As extracted verbatim from HMG Forum (By Roberto Lopez, Founder of HMG)

Well.. for the new people approaching HMG I can say that this is a mix between one of the best programming and data manipulation languages ever created (xBase) and the VB/RapidQ GUI handling style.

All GUI object are public and can be created and managed with very simple code.

The basic components of HMG are:
  • Harbour Compiler (generates C code from xBase code).
  • Harbour MiniGUI library (functions and preprocessor directives to handle GUI).
  • MingW Compiler.
  • Harbour MiniGUI IDE (Optional tool for two-way visual design).
What are the main project goals ?
To keep the GUI handling as easy, elegant and clean as possible and the library core as compact, stable and reliable as we can.

It implies, that the changes to the core will be subject to very strict test prior tag a specific build as 'stable'.

Other of the main goals is to hide the complexities associated with the operating system internals, allowing to the programmer, focus on his application, instead OS technical things.

So, what is the place for experimentation and exciting new 'things' ?
The User components interface, of course.

I've created to let to any HMG user to add fully new GUI elements, or add properties and events to existing ones.

Where is the HMG site ?

Where can I download HMG ?


Why Roberto doesn't answer my messages ?
I have a very little free time for HMG right now. Anyway I'm reading and answering the Sorceforge's HMG bug tracker and Wish tracker, almost daily, please use it.

Does HMG will be 'real' OOP some day in the future ?

Who knows :)

Comments on HMG by Sudip Bhattacharyya

Hi Friend,

I am a very novice user of MiniGUI and I am not an expert. I found
that it works in Windows platform. And I can develop software with
MiniGUI (not very complex right now).

If I am not wrong, there are two flavors of MiniGUI. One is HMG
(Harbour Mini GUI) developed by Roberto Lopez. You can download it
from http://harbourminigui.googlepages.com/. (Here you can download
HMG with Harbour and MinW C++ - A complete package).

And another is MiniGUI extended, which is developed by MiniGUI Team
(Grigory Filatov,Jacek Kubica,Janusz Pora) based on Roberto Lopez's
original MiniGUI.
You can download it from http://www.hmgextended.com/.

There are also 2 types of HMGExtended downloads : 1) HMG with Harbour
compiler 2) HMG Lite without Harbour / xHarbour compiler.

Forum address is http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/harbourminigui/.

Help file for MiniGUI is excellent! Lots of samples. Right now I am
learning with it.

It's a very good product.

With best regards.

Sudip Bhattacharyya


  1. Thanks for introducing HMG here.

    HMG is really easy and homely for those who love Clipper/xBase.

  2. Hi Rathinagiri

    Yup, in a very short period, I am able to be productive !



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