Monday, January 26, 2009

Common DOS Errors

In my years experience in programming with CA-Clipper, the most common DOS errors encountered are Dos Error 2, 3, 4, 5 and 32. 

However, I have noticed posts on comp.lang.clipper regarding other DOS errors. So here's the full list of DOS errors and my recommended action (if any) to take :

Error No.DescriptionSugggested Action

1Invalid function number

2File not foundMake sure that the named file is present in the relevant directory.

3Path not foundCheck Autoexec.bat to ensure the path is correctly set up.

4Too many open files (no handles left)Increase the FILES statement in Config.sys (or Config.nt - for Windows NT). If you are using Novell Netware, don't forget to have the same FILES HANDLES statement in Shell.cfg or Net.cfg.

5Access deniedIf you are using 5.3a, click here to read Jo French's comments on the false error message.

6Invalid handle

7Memory control blocks destroyed

8Insufficient memory

9Invalid memory block address

10Invalid environment

11Invalid format

12Invalid access code

13Invalid Data


15Invalid drive was specified

16Attempt to remove current directory

17Not same device

18No more files

19Attempt to write on write-protected diskette

20Unknown unit

21Drive not ready

22Unknown command

23Data error (CRC)

24Bad reuest structure length

25Seek error

26Unknown media type

27Sector not foundSigns of HDD corruption. Use Scandisk to fix.

28printer out of paper

29write fault

30Read fault

31General failure

32sharing violition

33lock violition

34Invalid disk change

35FCB unavailable

36Sharing buffer overflow

37 - 49Reserved

50Network request not supported

51Remote computer not listening

52Duplicate name on network

53Network name not found

54Network busy

55Network device no longer exists

56Network BIOS command limit exceeded

57Network adapter hardware error

58Incorrect response from network

59Unexpected network error

60Incompatible remote adapter

61Print queue full

62Not enough space for print file

63Print file deleted (not enough space)

64Network name deleted

65Access denied

66Network device type incorrect

67Network name not found

68Network name limit exceeded

69Network BIOS session limit exceeded

70Temporarily paused

71Network request not accepted

72Print or disk redirection paused


80File already exists


82Cannot make directory entry

83Fail on INT 24H

84Too many redirections

85Duplicate redirections

86Invalid password

87Invalid parameter

88Network device fault

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