Thursday, June 17, 2010

HMGS-IDE 1.0.1 OPEN SOURCE update 2

CCH : From the HMG Forum

Hi All,

The updated HMGS-IDE 1.0.1 binary and sources are published
at the following URL:

- fixed the introduced problem with TextBox/Browse (reverted changes).

Remark: You can update this build via clicking 'Update' menuitem in the main
menu 'Help'.

Kind Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to create harbour documentation by Massimo Belgrano

how to create harbour documentation?

Click on find in file  search in c:\harbour\src and subdir
Open source code in editor from find in file
Click on "Documentation Writer"    icon on the right-toolbar,
Position cursor somewhere inside a function body,
Click on "Load from current function" icon on the top-toolbar of "Document Writer" widget,

Look at the contents, few fields will be auto filled with various info from current function,
Complete the other fields with relevent information,
Click on "Save the documentation with current function",
Look at the function body in the editor, The NANFORUM compliant documentation will be inserted at the top of function's prototype.
Click on "Save written/updated documentation" icon, and provide the filename to save on disk,
Copy such generated .txt in /harbour/doc/en,
Open "Harbour Document Viewer" and you should be viewing newly written documentation there. Such generated file is ready to be uploaded to SVN, just send it to the list and group will decide if it needs something extra.

HMG Objects - A New Project

Hi All

Just discovered HMG Objects, a new project by Roberto Lopez, creator of HMG

Friday, June 4, 2010

HMGS-IDE 1.0.1 binary and sources Released on 3th June 2010

CCH: From the HMG Extended Forum

Hi All,

The updated HMGS-IDE 1.0.1 binary and sources are published
at the following URL:

There is the following changelog for this version by Walter Formigoni:

2010-06-03 : version 1.0.1
*Fixed : bug when insert item in menu with none selected item in grid. Reported by Escobar <>
*Added : Ide will restore last positon of Main Window at opening. Requested by Sudip <>
*Changed : moved positon of button TEXTBOX to be near of button LABEL. Requested by Bapu <>
*Fixed : load of property ICON of fmg with window type MAIN.
*New : INI file with settings for each project. Requested by Sudip <> and by Pete <>.
*Added : created header file contained of some meaningful defines referring to adata[..] elements,
something that will make easy for any developer to work on IDE sources. Requested by by Pete <>.
*Changed : Modified all sources to use header file to adata[..] elements. Requested by by Pete <>.

Kind Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]

Who are the Active Contributors to the Harbour Project ?

According to Viktor in a recent post, the active (made a commit in the last 3 years) list of developers for the harbour Project  are as follows :-
  1. Alexander Kresin
  2. Antonio Carlos Pantaglione
  3. April White
  4. Belgrano Massimo
  5. Chen Kedem
  6. David Arturo Macias Corona
  7. Enrico Maria Giordano
  8. Francesco Saverio Giudice
  9. Istvan Bisz
  10. Jean lefebvre
  11. Jose Luis Capel
  12. Lorenzo Fiorini
  13. Luis Krause
  14. Marek Paliwoda
  15. Maurilio Longo
  16. Miguel Angel Marchuet Frutos
  17. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
  18. Petr Chornyj
  19. Phil Barnett
  20. Phil Krylov
  21. Pritpal Bedi
  22. Przemyslaw Czerpak
  23. Ryszard Glab
  24. Teo Fonrouge
  25. Tomaz Zupan
  26. Vailton Renato
  27. Viktor Szakats
  28. Xavi

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Harbour’s IDE - integrated development environment - centric, ready-to-use distibution.

CCH : Message by Pritpal bedi on my Guest Book

This is 99.9% configure free distro, just install,
copy one file from a folder and drop in another,
and use.



This is Harbour’s IDE - integrated development
environment - centric, ready-to-use distibution.

You can download it from

This distro is comprised of following parts;

1. Harbour binaries for mingw and bcc.
2. Mingw C compiler.
3. hbIDE.
4. Qt’s minimum runtime required to link
and execute a hbQT based application.
5. Environment

This distro also provides building-blocks to
experment with hbQT implementation. It is
particularly useful to Xbase++ developers
who are looking for alternatives.

Run the installer, and if possible, follow
the default folder - C;\harbour_dev. It is not
mandatory, just a suggession to keep the structure
simple enough to recognize. You can change the
drive as you wish, and even root folder, but
follow above advice if possible.

After installation is complete, you will have an
entry into the programs folder and also a desktop
icon if you did opted for it. Click any one or
at the end of installation opt for "Run..."

hbIDE’s welcome screen should popup in front of you.
To start anything significant, please follow few
simple steps, only once, to setup your environment.

1. Copy {app}env\hbide.env and paste it somewhere.
2. Open pasted copy and change

{content} set IDE_INSTALL=C;\harbour_dev


{content} set IDE_INSTALL=C;\somefolder\harbour_dev

assuming you have installed the setup in
C;\somefolder\harbour_dev instead of its default

3. Run hbIDE.
4. Click "Compiler Environment" icon on the right
toolbar and provide the path_to_modified_hbide.env
in "Path to hbIDE env;" field.
5. The contents of this file must show-up.
6. Click "Save and Close" button.
7. That’s it. You are ready to build a project.

Let’s warm-up with an existing project before starting
some serious work.

1. From menu select "Open a Project".
2. File open dialog will showup. Navigate to
C;\harbour_dev\contrib\gtwvg\tests, and select
3. Project will appear in "Projects" tree window
at the left.
4. Right-click on the project name node - Demo WVG -
and from "Select an Environment" menu option
select "MINGW".
5. Again right-click on the project name node and
select "Build and Launch"
6. There you go, if everything is ok, project must
build and you must see demowvg.exe running.
7. Off course you will not see all the images
on the screen, because we have not instructed
this project to "Start in;" proper place, but
WVG console must appear.
8. Quickly add other projects - Demo WVG_XBP.
9. You can also play with demoXBP and demoQT but
for this to happen, you will need to provide
either _path_to_qt_dlls_ as global path which
should be visible to hbIDE or copy
{app}\harbour_dev\QtΜ.6.2\lib\*.dll to
Windows system32 folder or copy in the folder
where demoxbp.exe is residing.

A html compiled help file hbIDE.chm and the same
in PDF format hbIDE.pdf is also included in the
distro. Examine them. These are exactly the same
help which you can find online at /

hbIDE is now mature enough to handle any large
project, but still, please note that this is
not an official release, so you may expect bumps

This distribution includes only binaries. Please
download SVN tree if you need sources or want to
play with the latest commits. It is not necessary
for your applications.

- Updated Harbour Sources from SVN
- Build Harbour Binaries for above Compilers
- Compiled and Executed demowvg.prg
- Bundled the Package
- Uploaded to my site
- Downloaded the package on another computer
- Run the Installer
- Compiled and Executed demowvg.prg for each compiler


Pritpal Bedi

Welcome to Clipper... Clipper... Clipper

In 1997, then using Delphi 3, I had already created 32-bits Windows applications for HRIS, ERP and CRM. In 2007, using Ruby on Rails, an AJAX powered CRM site running on Apache & MySQL was created and I am now using Visual Studio .Net 2008 to create web-based projects and Delphi 7 for Win32 applications using SQL2005 & DBFCDX.

So, why then am I reviving the Original Clipper... Clipper... Clipper via a Blog as CA-Clipper is a programming language for the DOS world ? Believe it or not, there are still some clients using my mission-critical CA-Clipper applications for DOS installed in the late 80's and up to the mid 90's. This is testimony to CA-Clipper's robustness as a language :-)

With the widespread introduction of Windows 7 64-bits as the standard O/S for new Windows based PCs & Notebooks, CA-Clipper EXE simply will not work and it has become imperative for Clipper programmers to migrate immediately to Harbour to build 32/64 bits EXEs

Since 28th January 2009, this blog has been read by 134,389 (10/3/11 - 39,277) unique visitors (of which 45,151 (10/3/11 - 13,929) are returning visitors) from 103 countries and 1,574 cities & towns in Europe (37; 764 cities), North America (3; 373 cities) , Central America & Caribeans (6; 13 cities), South America(10; 226 cities), Africa & Middle-East (12; 44 cities) , Asia-Pacific (21; 175 cities). So, obviously Clipper is Alive & Well : -)

TIA & Enjoy ! (10th October 2012, 11:05; 13th November 2015)

Original Welcome Page for Clipper... Clipper... Clipper

This is the original Welcome Page for Clipper... Clipper... Clipper, which I am republishing for historical and sentimental reasons. The only changes that I have made was to fix all the broken links. BTW, the counter from is still working :-)

Welcome to Chee Chong Hwa's Malaysian WWW web site which is dedicated to Clipperheads throughout the world.

This site started out as a teeny-weeny section of Who the heck is Chee Chong Hwa ? and has graduated into a full blown web site of more than 140 pages (actually hundreds of A4 size pages) ! This is due to its growing popularity and tremendous encouragements from visiting Clipperheads from 100 countries worldwide, from North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Thanx Clipperheads, you all made this happen !

What is Clipper ?

You may ask, what is this Clipper stuff ? Could Clipper be something to do with sailing as it is the name of a very fast sailing American ship in the 19th century ?

Well, Clipper or to be precise, CA-Clipper is the premier PC-Software development tool for DOS. It was first developed by Nantucket Corporation initially as a compiler for dBase3+ programs. Since then, CA-Clipper has evolved away from its x-base roots with the introduction of lexical scoping & pre-defined objects like TBrowse. As at today, the most stable version ofClipper is 5.2e while the latest version, 5.3a was introduced on 21 May 1996.

As at 11th November, 1996, an unofficial 5.3a fixes file was made available by Jo French. See the About CA-Clipper 5.3a section for more details. BTW, Jo French uploaded the revised 5.3a fixes file on 20th November, 1996.

Latest News

The latest news is that CA has finally released the long-awaited 5.3b patch on 21 May, 1997.

For 5.3b users, you must a take a look at Jo French's comments on unfixed bugs in 5.3b.

BTW, have you used Click ? If you're a serious Clipperprogrammer and need an excellent code formatter, Click is a natural choice. How to get it ? Simple, access Phil Barnett's site via my Cool Clipper Sites.

32-bits Clipper for Windows ?

Have you tried Xbase ++ ? Well, I have and compared to Delphi (my current Windows programming tool of choice), I'm still sticking to Delphi.

Anyway, you should visit the Alaska Home Page. Give it a chance and then draw your own conclusions !.

The Harbour Project

Is this the future of Xbase ? Take a look at at the Harbour Project

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