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Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition 2.2.2 setup Released on 29th May 2013

Hi All,

Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition 2.2.2 setup is published at the following URL:

and MinGW-based self-extracting archive is placed at the following URL:

There are xHarbour-based archive also at the following URL:

and donationware xCC-based self-extracting archive for distribution at

There is the following changelog for this build:

2013/05/14: HMG Extended Edition 2.2.2 Published.
* Fixed: Wrong detection of the Splitboxed Grid control in the internal function
_IsControlSplitBoxed() (introduced in the build 2.0.8).
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see demo1.prg in folder \samples\Basic\CONTAINERS\
* Fixed: Draw Text command draws a spare white rectangle at using of Angle clause.
Problem was reported by Andrey Sermyagin <>.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
* Fixed: Minor correction of ini file handling in the C-code.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see demo2.prg in folder \samples\Basic\ini)
* Changed: The internal function IL_ADDMASKEDINDIRECT() is moved to PropGrid library.
The unneeded internal function IL_ADDINDIRECT() is removed.
Suggested by Pete Dionysopoulos <>
* Changed: The internal functions _DragEnterImage(), _MoveImage(), _EndDragImage()
and _GetImageCount() are defined as pseudo-functions now.
They are a wrappers for the corresponding C-functions.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
* Enhanced: DO REPORT command supports now codeblock data for printing.
Contributed by Julius Bartal <>
* Updated: Synchronized Extended HMG for compatibility with Official HMG 3.1.2:
- New: function IsMainMenuDefined ( cFormName )
- New: command RELEASE MAIN MENU OF FormName
- New: command RELEASE CONTEXT MENU OF FormName
- New: command RELEASE NOTIFY MENU OF FormName
- New: command RELEASE DROPDOWN MENU BUTTON ButtonName OF FormName
(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\MENU_Dynamic)
* Updated: HBPrinter library v.2.37: minor label color correction in the preview.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see source in folder \source\HbPrinter)
* Updated: MiniPrint library (see source in folder \Source\MiniPrint):
- New: Added ANGLE clause in the PRINT DATA command.
Based upon a contribution of Pierpaolo Martinello

(see demo in folder \samples\Basic\miniprint)
* Updated: Adaptation FiveWin Class TSBrowse 9.0 in HMG:
- New: Added processing of parameter aTotal and array aFormats in method Report().
Contributed by Julius Bartal <>
* Updated: HbSQLite3 library:
- update for using SQLITE3 version (from
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see demo in folder \samples\Advanced\SQLITE_2)
* Updated: Harbour Compiler 3.2.0dev (r2013-04-30 13:43):
* Updated: PostGreSQL library source code (see in folder \Source\HbPgSql);
* Updated: most important differences between Harbour and xHarbour
(see xhb-diff.txt in folder \harbour\doc)
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(look at ReadMe.txt in folder \harbour)
* New: 'Mini MP3 player' sample is based upon MCI WinAPI.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Basic\MiniPlayer)
* New: 'Tab with disabled page(s)' sample.
Requested by Romer Ribeiro da Silva>
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Basic\Tab_3)
* New: 'Combined Search Grid' sample is based upon SQLite temporary database.
Based upon a contribution of S.Rathinagiri <>.
Adapted for Minigui Extended by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\ComboSearchGrid)
* New: 'PC SHUTDOWN' sample is based upon WinAPI function InitiateSystemShutdown().
Based upon a contribution of Carlos Britos <>.
Adapted for Minigui Extended by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\PC_SHUTDOWN)
* New: 'TsBrowse Add New Record' sample.
Requested by Ryszard Rylko <>.
Based upon a contribution of Mauricio Zoccoler <>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\Tsb_addrecord)
* Updated: 'FreeImage Viewer' sample: mingw32 compatibility.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\FREEVIEW)
* Updated: 'Easy Media Player' sample: mingw32 compatibility.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Applications\EasyPlayer)
* Updated: 'HPDF Bill Demo' sample: added vertical and horizontal rulers.
Based upon a contribution of Andres Gonzalez Lopez.
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\PDF_PRINT_2)
* Updated: 'DataBase Utility': misc bugfix.
Problems were reported on brazilian forum MiniGUI.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \Utils\DBU)

It is a regularly scheduled monthly maintenance release.

This release is considered stable and ready for production use.

With Best Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Free DBU for Windows by Antonio Linares

Antonio Linares via 
May 4 (11 days ago)

to harbour-users
Here you have a free DBU for Windows that includes full source code and also provides ADO support:

developed with Harbour and FiveWin (FWH)


Welcome to Clipper... Clipper... Clipper

In 1997, then using Delphi 3, I had already created 32-bits Windows applications for HRIS, ERP and CRM. In 2007, using Ruby on Rails, an AJAX powered CRM site running on Apache & MySQL was created and I am now using Visual Studio .Net 2008 to create web-based projects and Delphi 7 for Win32 applications using SQL2005 & DBFCDX.

So, why then am I reviving the Original Clipper... Clipper... Clipper via a Blog as CA-Clipper is a programming language for the DOS world ? Believe it or not, there are still some clients using my mission-critical CA-Clipper applications for DOS installed in the late 80's and up to the mid 90's. This is testimony to CA-Clipper's robustness as a language :-)

With the widespread introduction of Windows 7 64-bits as the standard O/S for new Windows based PCs & Notebooks, CA-Clipper EXE simply will not work and it has become imperative for Clipper programmers to migrate immediately to Harbour to build 32/64 bits EXEs

Since 28th January 2009, this blog has been read by 134,389 (10/3/11 - 39,277) unique visitors (of which 45,151 (10/3/11 - 13,929) are returning visitors) from 103 countries and 1,574 cities & towns in Europe (37; 764 cities), North America (3; 373 cities) , Central America & Caribeans (6; 13 cities), South America(10; 226 cities), Africa & Middle-East (12; 44 cities) , Asia-Pacific (21; 175 cities). So, obviously Clipper is Alive & Well : -)

TIA & Enjoy ! (10th October 2012, 11:05; 13th November 2015)

Original Welcome Page for Clipper... Clipper... Clipper

This is the original Welcome Page for Clipper... Clipper... Clipper, which I am republishing for historical and sentimental reasons. The only changes that I have made was to fix all the broken links. BTW, the counter from is still working :-)

Welcome to Chee Chong Hwa's Malaysian WWW web site which is dedicated to Clipperheads throughout the world.

This site started out as a teeny-weeny section of Who the heck is Chee Chong Hwa ? and has graduated into a full blown web site of more than 140 pages (actually hundreds of A4 size pages) ! This is due to its growing popularity and tremendous encouragements from visiting Clipperheads from 100 countries worldwide, from North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Thanx Clipperheads, you all made this happen !

What is Clipper ?

You may ask, what is this Clipper stuff ? Could Clipper be something to do with sailing as it is the name of a very fast sailing American ship in the 19th century ?

Well, Clipper or to be precise, CA-Clipper is the premier PC-Software development tool for DOS. It was first developed by Nantucket Corporation initially as a compiler for dBase3+ programs. Since then, CA-Clipper has evolved away from its x-base roots with the introduction of lexical scoping & pre-defined objects like TBrowse. As at today, the most stable version ofClipper is 5.2e while the latest version, 5.3a was introduced on 21 May 1996.

As at 11th November, 1996, an unofficial 5.3a fixes file was made available by Jo French. See the About CA-Clipper 5.3a section for more details. BTW, Jo French uploaded the revised 5.3a fixes file on 20th November, 1996.

Latest News

The latest news is that CA has finally released the long-awaited 5.3b patch on 21 May, 1997.

For 5.3b users, you must a take a look at Jo French's comments on unfixed bugs in 5.3b.

BTW, have you used Click ? If you're a serious Clipperprogrammer and need an excellent code formatter, Click is a natural choice. How to get it ? Simple, access Phil Barnett's site via my Cool Clipper Sites.

32-bits Clipper for Windows ?

Have you tried Xbase ++ ? Well, I have and compared to Delphi (my current Windows programming tool of choice), I'm still sticking to Delphi.

Anyway, you should visit the Alaska Home Page. Give it a chance and then draw your own conclusions !.

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