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Stable Harbour 2.0.0 (r13372) Released

CCH : Great news for Harbour Developers !

Hi All,

Harbour 2.0.0 (r13372) source archives and Windows binary
releases are available for download on;

Make sure to check INSTALL doc "QUICK START" section and visit
our user forums at;

Release notes;
Unified Windows release for most supported compilers and
x86, x64, WinCE/ARM, MS-DOS, OS/2, Linux target platforms.

Installed size; 214MB (54MB - 339MB)

The default installation will install MinGW compiler + x86 static and
shared libs, MSVC and BCC x86 libs and examples.

Options; x86 shared tools, x64 shared tools, MinGW x64 and
WinCE-ARM libs, MSVC x64 libs, Open Watcom x86 libs,
shared x64/WinCE-ARM libs, MS-DOS (watcom) libs, OS/2 (watcom)
libs, Linux (watcom) libs.

1) install/unpack to any directory (C;\hb20)
2) go to bin dir (optional if you specify path for hbmk2)
3) For x86 executable, type; ’hbmk2 ../tests/hello.prg’
4) For x64 executable, type; ’hbmk2 ../tests/hello.prg -compiler=mingw64’
[needs mingw64 to be installed in ’comp/mingw64’ dir beforehand]
5) For WinCE/ARM executable, type; ’hbmk2 ../tests/hello.prg -platform=wce’
[needs cegcc to be installed in ’comp/mingwarm’ dir beforehand]
6) For MS-DOS executable, type; ’hbmk2 ../tests/hello.prg -platform=dos’
[needs OpenWatcom to be installed in ’comp/watcom’ dir beforehand]
7) For Linux executable, type; ’hbmk2 ../tests/hello.prg -platform=linux’
[needs OpenWatcom to be installed in ’comp/watcom’ dir beforehand]

Tool/lib versions used to create this package;

Compiler tools

MinGW GNU C 4.4.1 TDM-2 (included)
MinGW w64 GNU C 4.5.0-20091118
MinGW CEGCC 4.4.0
MSVC 2008 (version bundled with MS Windows SDK 7)
Open Watcom C 1.8
Borland C/C++ 5.5.1

External lib dependencies

ACE 9.10
Allegro 4.2.2
Blat 2.6.2
Cairo 1.8.8
libcurl 7.19.6
Firebird 2.1.3
FreeImage 3.13.0
GD 2.0.35
MySQL 5.1.41
OpenSSL 0.9.8k
PostgreSQL 8.4.2-1
QT 4.5.3
WATTCP 2.2.10

Changes since previous (2.0.0beta3 20090905) release;

- Harbour updated to r13359 (from r12422)
- MinGW CEGCC updated to 4.4.0
- upx updated to 3.04.
- MinGW 4.4.1 updated to TDM-2 release fixing a performance problem.
- MinGW w64 updated to latest binary release.
- DJGPP build in unified release replaced with OpenWatcom MS-DOS build.
- External libs updated (except OpenSSL and libcurl).
- hbwin cleanups/fixes (printer handling) and improvements (mutex, MAPI, misc)
- hbwin OLE2, ActiveX support improved and finalized.
- hbwin full UNICODE support and cleanups.
- hbwin basic win64 .dll support.
- hbtip POP3/SMTP fixes, encoding/charset support.
- Added hbmemio contrib.
- hbnetio finalized.
- hbqt cleanups and improvements, QT 4.6 support.
- hbide (early development stage).
- Documentation enhancements; INSTALL and doc/xhb-diff.txt.
- hbmk2 got support to convert xMate, hbmake and xbuild make files to .hbp
- Added hbsms contrib library (to send SMS text messages in multiplatform way).
- gtwvg now builds in win64 mode.
- Rudimentary port of GTWVW (find it in examples)
- New hbcairo wrapper for cairo lib.
- Improved code portability for startup code, C++ mode and
to support for old GCC versions.
- Added public Harbour C level API to handle GC collected pure pointers.
- Added workaround fox Pelles C 6.0 bug, so now it can be used
with Harbour for win32 and wince. Win64 build still doesn’t work,
due to other POCC6 bugs.
- Fixed to support MSVC 6.0.
- dlmalloc memory allocator now also optimized for MT mode.
- DJGPP builds received support for .dxe dynamic libs.
- MS-DOS build included in unified release package is now built
with OpenWatcom rather than DJGPP.
- OpenWatcom now builds in plain C mode (instead of C++)
- Included MSVC build is now a UNICODE build.
- Changed all Harbour to use WIDE Windows API calls only in UNICODE mode.
- New Harbour C level UTF-8 and UTF-16 string handling functions.
- Rewritten internal codepage and collation support. Collations
are now ensured to be CA-Cl*pper compatible.
- HB_TRANSLATE() now supports UTF-8.
- OS/2 platform support improvements (watcom, .dll support, GCC OMF support).
- gtxwc fixes.
- General finalization to *nix Harbour dynamic library generation built into
build system.
- Generalized the way zlib and pcre embedded sources are handled.
- Finalized new pure GNU Make based build system.
- Embedded libharu made available for MS-DOS Harbour builds,
plus many other leveling of MS-DOS port.
- Added Blowfish encryption functions to core.
- Added experimental win64 binary build of GNU Make.
- Synced with some new features that appeared in xhb, plus some missing
features from past versions.
- New Harbour port to Haiku/BeOS.
- Updated embedded components.
- Cleaned all test code from Harbour -w3 level warnings.
- hbmk2 now supports the same C warning levels as build system.
- hbmk2 now supports built-in native .c / .prg dependency detection.
- hbmk2 tested/finalized for *nix systems.
- hbmk2 now supports upx on *nix systems.
- New hbdoc2 tool at development stage.
- Support for linux/open64, linux/clang compilers.
- Build system now uses automatic version detection for MSVC compilers.
- Core trace message functionality improvements (new .prg level
interface, Windows OutputDebugString support)
- RDDADS fixes.
- Removed support for harbour.cfg and Harbour compiler -go output mode.
- New Harbour types (HB_SIZE, HB_BOOL, etc).
- Moved rddado from contrib area to examples.
- Deleted hbmake from examples.
- Many other smaller improvements, additions, fixes, cleanups.
- For 3rd party developers it’s recommended to look for the word
"incompatibility" in ChangeLog to find spots which may imply changes
on their part.

Changes since previous (2.0.0beta2 20090624) release;

- Harbour updated to r12422 (from r11508)
- Rewritten socket library.
- Fixed remaining Clipper compatibility issues (@.clp, SET PROC TO, DO WITH, etc)
- Added replaceable core file I/O layer.
- Reworked build system with integrated dynlib creation, cross-platform
support, compiler and external component autodetection and much more.
- MinGW updated to 4.4.1
- MinGW x64 updated to 4.5.0 (20090905)
- Finalizing ActiveX/OLE2 support.
- Timestamp/datetime support in core.
- Added MT support for dos platform.
- Added socket support for dos platform (via WATTCP lib).
- Added hbnetio lib client/server file I/O implementation.
- hbxbp lib about feature complete.
- wce/msvcarm target improvements, sunpro compiler support.
- hbssl OpenSSL wrapper lib.
- SSL support in hbtip lib.
- Serial communication fixes in hbwin/hbtpathy on win platform.
- Lots of other additions and some fixes.
- Changed default install path to be ’hb20’ rather than ’harbour20’,
to avoid long filenames.
- Replaced mingw64 built x64 shared tools with msvc64 builds, as
the former didn’t work.
- Included hbqt lib which links against static QT libs.

Changes since previous (2.0.0beta1 20090609) release;
- Harbour updated to r11508 (from r11287)
- New User’s Forum linked
- upx compressor included in install package
- DOS cross build libs included in install package
- preparation to host 3rd party packages inside Harbour directory tree
- new "zero-conf" library install system in preparation
- hbmk2; lots of minor refinements, support for all free compilers
in embedded form, support spaces in filenames/paths, all Harbour
supported C compilers have now complete support in hbmk2
- DOS support tested and required fixes applied
- embedded compilers moved to ’comp’ subdir
- support for latest MinGW x64 and MSVS 2010 compilers
- extended INSTALL with new examples and app build quick guide
- icon for installer and hbrun tool
- hbxbp and hbqt enhancements
- hbwin refinements and better compatibility
- new uhttpd2 sessioned HTTP server
- C++ build support for all compilers, new HB_WAEVAL() function,
new xpp (Xbase++ compatibility) lib, .hrb loading enhancements
- DBU, RL, SuperLib fixes.
- MinGW64 updated to 4.4.1
- There were a few changes in this release which may require updating
your source code (hb_par*()/hb_stor*() in .c files and GTWVG WIN_*()
function in .prg files). Search for ’incompatible’ word in ChangeLog
for more.

Changes since previous (1.1.0dev 20090602) release;
- Harbour updated to r11287 (from r11179)
- all contrib tests included in install package
- All 3rd party packages upgraded to latest version.
- hbmk2; project support, new file extensions, fixes, Harbour 1.0.x
- further simplified/updated build process and instructions
- hbqt many enhancements
- almost full xhb compatibility
- ’terminal’ fixed in examples
- source formatter, Cl*pper RL tool, legacy hbmake added
- MT Xbase++ compatibility

Changes since previous (1.1.0dev 20090408) release;
- Harbour updated to r11179 (from r10819)
- Updated hbmk2 (filter issues + experimental Harbour 1.0.x support)
- Included contrib tests/utils
- Full and now standalone ’examples’
- ’tests’ with subdirs included.
- No longer included pocc/pocc64/poccarm libs.
- QT updated to 4.5.1
- MinGW updated to 4.4.0

Viktor Szakats

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