Thursday, February 16, 2017

Harbour Reference Guide

15 Feb
Hi All,

Today I automatized refreshing the Harbour Reference Guide page:

It means that whenever a change is committed to the source repo [1],
the online documentation will automatically be updated. This is so
either with direct commits or by merging Pull Requests.

Doc generation is done at the end of the snapshot binary build [2], so
it should take about 25-30 minutes after the time of the commit, plus
some more for the pages to get deployed to the GitHub web servers.

This is experimental at this point and further tweaks may be needed,
though for now it seems to work fine.


Monday, December 5, 2016

HbDBU with HbQtScripts with SQL Implementation - 2nd December 2016

The latest version of HbDBU can be downloaded from 

This is a stand-alone executable which does not need any Qt libraries.

This version implements a sub-set of SQL query statement which is applied on any table opened with any rdd.

The SQL specific details are as such:

    + Added: FUNCTION __hbqtExecSelect( cFields, cFrom, cWhere, cOrder, cInto ) 
       which is activated with a statement like:

       SELECT first,last,age,state FROM c:\harbour\tests\test.dbf ;
       ORDER BY age-desc,state WHERE age>60

       #command SELECT FROM ;
                  [INTO ] ;
                  [ORDER BY ] ;
                  [WHERE <*whr*>] ;
              => ;
        __hbqtExecSelect( #, <"from">, #, #, <"into"> )

       preprocessor directive is sent with the script buffer automatically.

     ; Yes, you read it right. HbQtScripts now implement a sub-set of 
        SQL SELECT statement which is translated to database commands and 
        result is displayed via Browse(). Let us understand the difference
        in true SQL statement components vs HbQt.
        SELECT    * | comma sapartaed list of valid field names - no UDFs yet.

        FROM      fully qualified table name with path and extention. By default 
                  DBFCDX driver is used, but to use another driver prefix the 
                  table name with driver and "|", like:
                  This must be the 2nd component of the statement.

        INTO      fully qualified table name with path and extention where 
                  results will be deposited. DBFCDX is used for this purpose.

        ORDER BY  a comma separated list of field names contained in the result
                  set. Keyword "-desc" can be post-fixed with a fieldname to 
                  present in descending order. In example statement as above 
                  it is represented as - age-desc,state - where the whole result 
                  is sorted descending on age first, then within each age group
                  state is sorted ascending.

        WHERE     This must be the last component of the statement.
                  The only operator supported for multiple conditions is 
                  "AND" only, like: age > 90 and last = 'Thomas'.
                  The supported operators within a single condition are 
                  >=, <=, !=, <>, =, <, >. 

                  A condition has 3 components
                  1. FieldName - must be present in the table
                  2. Operator  - one of the >=, <=, !=, <>, =, <, >
                  3. Value     - string 'Thomas', numeric 90.0, date '2016-12-02'

                  a '=' condition is looked for if any index starting with its 
                  FieldName is available or not. If available, then index order 
                  is set to it and seek is performed with Value part which 
                  greately enhances the speed.

    ; You can test it by simply placing the above SQL statement in a function 
      and just run it in console mode, assuming that test.dbf actually resides
      where it is pointed to.

      FUNCTION __test()

         SELECT first,last,age,state FROM c:\harbour\tests\test.dbf ;
         ORDER BY age-desc,state WHERE age>60

         RETURN NIL 

Looking for your critique and suggestions
Note that SQL dialect is so vast that it would be impossible to bring to Harbour, but effor is started...

Pritpal Bedi
a student of software analysis & concepts

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition build 16.01 is published - 21st January 2016

Hi Friends,

I am glad to announce a new version of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.

It is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.

The setup of the build 16.01 is published at the following URL:

and the MinGW-based self-extracting archive is placed at the following URL:

There is the 64-bit MinGW-based self-extracting archive at the following URL:

There is also the extra archive for this build at the
Minigui's homepage.

The changelog of this build is below:

2016/01/21: HMG Extended Edition version 16.01.
* Modified: Using of the C-function hb_vmPushNumInt() instead of hb_vmPushLong()
for proper 64-bit handling in the MiniGUI core.
Based upon a workaround of Przemyslaw Czerpak>.
Contributed by Dr. Claudio Soto <>.
* Updated: Modified the application manifest for compatibility with Windows 10.
A manifest file is common now for 32- and 64-bit builds.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see Windows7.Manifest in folder \Resources)
* Updated: HbSQLite3 library:
- update for using a recent SQLITE3 version 3.10.0.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
* Updated: Adaptation FiveWin Class TSBrowse 9.0 in HMG: 
- Fixed: Correction of the editable status in the method KeyDown.
Problem was reported by Dusko Radojcin.
Based upon a contribution of Janusz Pora <>.
* Updated: Harbour Compiler 3.2.0dev (SVN 2016-01-15 16:02):
* New: added HBFOXPRO library (see in folder \Harbour\Lib);
* New: added HBGZIO library (see in folder \Harbour\Lib);
* Updated: OpenSSL wrapper for using 1.0.2e version.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(look at ReadMe.txt in folder \harbour)
* Updated: HMGS-IDE v.1.3.0 Project Manager and Two-Way Visual Form Designer:
- fixed minor typo in the Image control definition.
Bug was reported by Pete Dionysopoulos <>.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
* New: 'Vista Command Link Button' sample:
- Command Link Button control was defined as user component below:
- added pseudo-OOP method SetShield for showing of the Admin
privilege requiring.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\CommandLink)
* Updated: 'Print Pie Graph' sample:
- updated the data for December 2015.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see demo.prg in folder \samples\Basic\GraphPrint)
* Updated: 'NirCmd Dll Usage' sample.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\NirCmdDll)
* Updated: 'Volume Info' sample:
- added a sample with using of the updated CallDll32 function.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see demo3.prg in folder \samples\Advanced\VOLUME_INFO)
* Updated: 'Windows Version' sample:
- fixed Windows 10 detection.
Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
(see in folder \samples\Advanced\WinVersion)

This release is considered stable and ready for production use.

Best Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition Released on 18th November 2015

Hi Friends,

I am glad to announce a new version of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.

The setup of the build 2.5.5 is published at the following URL:

and the MinGW-based self-extracting archive is placed at the following URL:

There are also the extra and archives
for this build at the Minigui's download homepage.

There is the following changelog for this build:

2015/11/18: HMG Extended Edition 2.5.5 Published.
  * Fixed: Correction of the vertical position of the page titles for the
           font's size more than 12 pt in the ownerdraw colored TAB.
           Requested by Verchenko Andrey <>.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see demo.prg in folder \samples\Basic\TAB)
  * Fixed: Wrong vertical (and horizontal) scroll up in the Virtual Panel
           window when the thumbs of scroll bar were in a zero position and
           you are click a scrolling bar up (or left) arrow button.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see demo in folder \samples\Basic\CONTAINERS\Panel_2)
  * Enhanced: The GetBox control supports additionally a hotkey Ctrl+Y for
           clearing of the current value.
           Suggested and contributed by Gilbert Vaillancourt.
  * Enhanced: Added a horizontal scrolling of a long text string in the
           function WaitWindow().
           Requested by Marcelo Brigatti <>.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see demo.prg in folder \samples\Basic\WAIT_WINDOW)
  * Changed: SplitChild windows without caption can not be closed with
            hotkey pressing by default.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
  * Updated: Header file for compatibility with Official HMG:
           - added a new command RELEASE MEMORY;
           - added the pseudo-function HMG_ChangeWindowStyle().
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
  * Updated: 'HMG Debugger' library (see source in folder \Source\Debugger).
           Based upon a contribution of Claudio Soto <>.
           Adapted for Minigui Extended by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see demo in folder \samples\Advanced\DBG_TEST)
  * Updated: Adaptation FiveWin Class TSBrowse 9.0 in HMG:
           - fixed a program crash at the simultaneous using of the column's
             'Valid' clause and the function SetBtnGet().
             Problem was reported by Gilbert Vaillancourt.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
  * Updated: HbSQLite3 library:
           - update for using SQLITE3 version 3.9.2 (from 3.9.1).
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
  * Updated: Harbour Compiler 3.2.0dev (SVN 2015-11-14 13:19).
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
           (look at ReadMe.txt in folder \harbour)
  * New: 'Graph Print on datas from the database' sample.
           Contributed by Stefano Biancini
>.           Revised by Pierpaolo Martinello
>           (see in folder \samples\Basic\GraphPrint_2)
  * New: 'ErrorSys HMG Custom' sample.
           Contributed by Toledo <>.
           Revised by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see in folder \samples\Basic\Hmg_Error)
  * Updated: 'ProgressBar' sample:
           - using of the function SuppressKeyAndMouseEvents() for blocking
             of the mouse and keyboard pressing at the event's processing.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see demo2.prg in folder \samples\Basic\PROGRESSBAR)
  * Updated: 'TSBrowse SetArrayTo method usage' sample.
           Contributed by Verchenko Andrey <>
           (see in folder \samples\Advanced\Tsb_SetArrayTo)
  * Updated: 'WebCam preview and capture' sample:
           - Added: saving the captured image to the PNG file.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see in folder \samples\Advanced\WebCam_2)

There is a "last minute" modification also in this build:

  * New: Draw Icon command with the transparent support.
             DRAW ICON IN WINDOW AT , ;
                PICTURE ;
                [ WIDTH ] ;
                [ HEIGHT ] ;
                [ COLOR ] ; 
                [ ]
           Requested by Verchenko Andrey <>.
           Contributed by Grigory Filatov <>
           (see demo in folder \samples\Applications\UPXshell)
           Note: It is an experimental feature.

It is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.

This release is considered stable and ready for production use.

Best Regards,
Grigory Filatov
[MiniGUI Team]

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Harbour Beginner's Guide


15th Nov 2015
to harbour-users
Hello all,
I am happy to announce a new version of the ‘Harbour Beginners’ Guide’
It is my humble contribution to Harbour.
Any suggestions or corrections are welcome.
My idea is to be able to add it to the Harbour website (via GitHub) – if the developers agree with it, of course.
You will find it in different forms (experimental) here:

You can use these links to download:
I hope it will help someone.

Friday, November 13, 2015

DBT to FPT Conversion

Recently, I had the opportunity to upgrade a software solution  created to run under MS/DOS using the DBF/DBT format to DBF/FPT to run under Windows 64 bits.

Found this piece of code written by Loren Scott and had it recompiled using Harbour 3.2

   DBT2FPT.PRG - Memo file converter by Loren Scott / SuccessWare 90, Inc.

   This is a simple program demonstrating how to convert Clipper .DBT's
   to FoxPro-compatible FPT's using the Clipper 5.2 DBFCDX RDD.

    Compile:  CLIPPER dbt2fpt /n/w
    Link   :  BLINKER FI dbt2fpt LIB dbfcdx,clipper


#include "RDDSYS.CH"


FUNC DBT2FPT( cOldFile, cNewFile )

LOCAL aFile := {}

cOldFile := Upper( AllTrim( cOldFile ))
cNewFile := Upper( AllTrim( cNewFile ))

IF "." $ cOldFile
  cOldFile := Left( cOldFile, at( ".", cOldFile )-1 )

IF "." $ cNewFile
  cNewFile := Left( cNewFile, at( ".", cNewFile )-1 )

// Display a message
//MWS 13/11/15 ? "DBT2FPT - Memo File Converter"
ALERT('DBT2FPT - Memo File Converter')
// Make sure we got the correct parameters
  ? "USAGE:  DBT2FPT "
  ? "where:   = Name of the database containing the memo"
  ? "                    field to convert."
  ? "         = New file to create"

// Check for the original file
IF !File( cOldFile + ".DBF" )
  ? "Cannot find " + cOldFile + "!"

// Open the original file (using DBFNTX)

// Set DBFCDX Driver as the default for creating new dbf

// Show that we're doing something
? "Working"

// Now copy to the new file (with nifty UDF)
COPY TO (cNewFile) FOR ShowDot()

// Look, we made it!
//MWS 13/11/15 ?? "Done!"
ALERT('Success !')
// Clean up before leaving

// Compare file sizes
aFile := Directory( cOldFile + ".DBT" )
? PadR( "Old " + cOldFile + ".DBT Size",21 ) + ": "
?? Str( aFile[1,2] ) + " bytes"
aFile := Directory( cNewFile + ".FPT" )
? PadR( "New " + cNewFile + ".FPT Size",21 ) + ": "
?? Str( aFile[1,2] ) + " bytes"


FUNC ShowDot()
  ?? "."
Return (.T.)

Welcome to Clipper... Clipper... Clipper

In 1997, then using Delphi 3, I had already created 32-bits Windows applications for HRIS, ERP and CRM. In 2007, using Ruby on Rails, an AJAX powered CRM site running on Apache & MySQL was created and I am now using Visual Studio .Net 2008 to create web-based projects and Delphi 7 for Win32 applications using SQL2005 & DBFCDX.

So, why then am I reviving the Original Clipper... Clipper... Clipper via a Blog as CA-Clipper is a programming language for the DOS world ? Believe it or not, there are still some clients using my mission-critical CA-Clipper applications for DOS installed in the late 80's and up to the mid 90's. This is testimony to CA-Clipper's robustness as a language :-)

With the widespread introduction of Windows 7 64-bits as the standard O/S for new Windows based PCs & Notebooks, CA-Clipper EXE simply will not work and it has become imperative for Clipper programmers to migrate immediately to Harbour to build 32/64 bits EXEs

Since 28th January 2009, this blog has been read by 134,389 (10/3/11 - 39,277) unique visitors (of which 45,151 (10/3/11 - 13,929) are returning visitors) from 103 countries and 1,574 cities & towns in Europe (37; 764 cities), North America (3; 373 cities) , Central America & Caribeans (6; 13 cities), South America(10; 226 cities), Africa & Middle-East (12; 44 cities) , Asia-Pacific (21; 175 cities). So, obviously Clipper is Alive & Well : -)

TIA & Enjoy ! (10th October 2012, 11:05; 13th November 2015)

Original Welcome Page for Clipper... Clipper... Clipper

This is the original Welcome Page for Clipper... Clipper... Clipper, which I am republishing for historical and sentimental reasons. The only changes that I have made was to fix all the broken links. BTW, the counter from is still working :-)

Welcome to Chee Chong Hwa's Malaysian WWW web site which is dedicated to Clipperheads throughout the world.

This site started out as a teeny-weeny section of Who the heck is Chee Chong Hwa ? and has graduated into a full blown web site of more than 140 pages (actually hundreds of A4 size pages) ! This is due to its growing popularity and tremendous encouragements from visiting Clipperheads from 100 countries worldwide, from North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Thanx Clipperheads, you all made this happen !

What is Clipper ?

You may ask, what is this Clipper stuff ? Could Clipper be something to do with sailing as it is the name of a very fast sailing American ship in the 19th century ?

Well, Clipper or to be precise, CA-Clipper is the premier PC-Software development tool for DOS. It was first developed by Nantucket Corporation initially as a compiler for dBase3+ programs. Since then, CA-Clipper has evolved away from its x-base roots with the introduction of lexical scoping & pre-defined objects like TBrowse. As at today, the most stable version ofClipper is 5.2e while the latest version, 5.3a was introduced on 21 May 1996.

As at 11th November, 1996, an unofficial 5.3a fixes file was made available by Jo French. See the About CA-Clipper 5.3a section for more details. BTW, Jo French uploaded the revised 5.3a fixes file on 20th November, 1996.

Latest News

The latest news is that CA has finally released the long-awaited 5.3b patch on 21 May, 1997.

For 5.3b users, you must a take a look at Jo French's comments on unfixed bugs in 5.3b.

BTW, have you used Click ? If you're a serious Clipperprogrammer and need an excellent code formatter, Click is a natural choice. How to get it ? Simple, access Phil Barnett's site via my Cool Clipper Sites.

32-bits Clipper for Windows ?

Have you tried Xbase ++ ? Well, I have and compared to Delphi (my current Windows programming tool of choice), I'm still sticking to Delphi.

Anyway, you should visit the Alaska Home Page. Give it a chance and then draw your own conclusions !.

The Harbour Project

Is this the future of Xbase ? Take a look at at the Harbour Project

You are Visitor # ...

According to, you are visitor since 3 June 1996.

If you like or dislike what you see on this website, please drop me a line by clicking the email button at the bottom of this page or better still, by filling out the form in my guest book. If you are not sure what to write,click here to take a look at what other Clipperheads have to say.